3D Wall Panels Chaos

Modern style is the most frequently chosen one. Modern minimalistic interiors require a strong emphasis. The best way to achieve it is to choose decorative wall panels. Pattern presented above features a small, yet sharp convexities that change a plain wall into a work of art, that literally attract like a magnet. Anyone, who sees a wall adorned small pyramids “sprouting” from it, will not resist taking a closer look and touching them.


Soundwave is technology, increasing the amount of sound reflections, giving the effect of dispersion and uniform distribution of sound throughout the room. It gives a feeling of balanced resonance, prevents clustering of sound waves and reduces the effect of flutter echo. Soundwave significantly improves the quality of music, eliminates echo, and increases the comfort of conducted talks.

Panel 3D


Width: 23,6 inches*
Height: 23,6 inches*
Thickness: 0,35 – 0,79 inches
Weight: 11,02 lbs


* dimensions tolerance 0,4 inches, in ordered part up to 0,04 inches.
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