3D Wall Panel Quilted

Quilting is a style introduced quite some time ago. Despite of that fact it remains to be a top trending fashion concepts. Why not transpose such a fashionable motive on a wall, then? Achieve an XL-Size quilting effect on your wall with use of Loft Design System decorative panels. Change a flat surface into waves of concave embroidery-like lines with buttons. One that can attract anyone’s attention for a long time. Such a wall will be a most precious adornment for an interior and will make it stylish.

Panel 3D


Width: 23,6 inches*
Height: 23,6 inches*
Thickness: 0,35 – 0,79 inches
Weight: 11,24 lbs


* dimensions tolerance 0,4 inches, in ordered part up to 0,04 inches.
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